woman (40)

I worked with Nathalie over a period of a year to address personal frustrations that I wanted to address including self-confidence, marital dissatisfaction, and working-mom guilt. After an introduction meeting, I committed to a longer term therapy plan as I appreciated that we could conduct our sessions in English and I found Nathalie to be a really empathetic, kind and warm person. I highly valued the fact that she is also a professional, working mom and understands the unique emotional challenges that this situation brings. I also liked that she offered a concrete series of focus points and a plan to address the issues that I was grappling with. Over the course of the therapy, I really appreciated that Nathalie often had a framework or technique to address a particular emotion or recurring pattern. While Nathalie absolutely always has an open ear, I felt a purpose and a real, tangible outcome to our sessions.

Our sessions have come to an end, as I find myself feeling much more empowered, and walk away with a stronger sense of my personal values and priorities. I am very happy with the outcome and appreciate the support and guidance that Nathalie provided. I would highly recommend Nathalie for any personal or couples counseling; she is a strong therapist that is highly attuned to the struggles of her clients and able to make a real difference in their lives through her therapeutic approach.